Marriage Records: Search Example

I mentioned how I used the marriage record of Theodore Burns and Delilah Cummins to add Delilah's parents to the family tree in the family tree search example. At the time, I was fortunate to be in contact with another researcher who had found the marriage record. That was in the the 1990s before many records had been digitized. To see how this search could be done today, I tried the Google search for marriage indexes in the How to Use Marriage Records on this website. This entry came up among the search results for West Virginia marriage indexes:

Google Result of West Virginia Marriage Index

I went to that website and searched for the marriage of Burns and Cummins. I chose not to search on first names because Theodore used multiple versions of his name in various records and there are multiple ways to spell "Delilah." This is the search screen:

West Virginia Marriage Search Screen

And these are the search results:

West Virginia Marriage Search Results

The larger image is the same marriage record that the other researcher had found in the 1990s. Here is the full marriage register.

The smaller image is a record of the marriage license. Here is the marriage license.

To search online, I did not need to know the county in which they were married as I would have back in the 1990s. This is a very fast way to find a marriage record. Of course, not all states have digitized their marriage records. Nevertheless, you might be lucky enough to be researching marriage records in a state that has.

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