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Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Your Genealogy Searches

Get free genealogy search advice on how to improve your genealogy searches. Tell us what you already know about your ancestry and our artificial intelligence (AI) system will provide suggestions on how to make your genealogy search more effective. This website is free. We also do not keep your answers to the questions asked about your ancestor. To get started, go to the Free Online Genealogy Search Advisor

Genealogy Search Guides To Help You Get Started on Your Ancestry

If you want to skip the AI system and look at search options yourself, this website also has genealogy search guides to help you research your ancestry. These are meant to support the research suggestions provided by the Free Online Genealogy Search Advisor. Nevertheless, you can look through the guides yourself. The genealogy search guides provide basic information about what is included in the various sources of genealogical records and how to find them on the Internet. Here are the available search guides.

My Personal Ancestry Search Journey

This site grew out of efforts to trace my ancestry. I found most of the clues online. As I became fairly good at using the various websites, friends and relatives have asked me to give them suggestions. This website was developed using those suggestions. Since my background is in software development, I decided to use some basic artificial intelligence (AI) programming. This AI program asks what you already know about an ancestor. Then it provides suggestions how how to make your genealogy search more effective.

Give it a try: Go directly to the Free Online Genealogy Search Advisor or choose the type of advice you are seeking in the shaded box above.


Other Search Options

We also provide the following free websites to help you with your genealogy search.

  1. Search for family trees:
    Family Trees Searched at Ten Sites | Family Tree Searcher.
  2. Improve your family history searches using Google:
    Free Genealogy Search Help for Google.
  3. If you are just starting out, get suggestions for your search:
    Genealogy Decision Charts | Genealogy Fast Track.

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