Using Birth Records for Genealogy

Birth records are a valuable source of information. They generally include the person's name, birth date and birth county, as well as the names of the father and mother. In some cases, the mother's maiden name is given. Also, in some cases, the birthplace of the parents is recorded as well. These are helpful hints that can be used to move your search back a generation.

Records are provided in different formats. Sometimes you will be able to get an actual copy of the original and in other cases, the county will transcribe the information into a modern day legal form. Finally, sometimes you will get the information transcribed into an "information" form. If the latter happens to you and you think there might be more information on the original document, you might want to inquire if it would be possible to get a copy of this.

If you are not sure that searching for a birth record is the next best option for your research, consider using the advice feature of this site. This will help you pick your next best steps in your research. Go to Genealogy Search Advice.