Yang Family History
& Genealogy Search Advice

As you probably know, searching a common name like Yang on the Internet is often a frustrating experience. This page gives you tips on where to best search for the Yang family genealogy on the Internet.

This surname is common. In fact, over 43,700 people share the surname in the United States alone. As a result, searching for the Yang family is difficult when using search engines.

So, the suggestions below are intended to make your search easier.

Get free, specific advice on searching the Yang family

This site is designed ask you questions about what you already know about your ancestry and then it will give you free, specific advice on what you might do and where you might look in order to develop your search more fully. This emphasizes online records so that it is easier to perform your research using your computer. All in all, this makes your Internet searching more effective.

This feature will consider census, birth, death, ship manifests, naturalization records, and other records to help you find more on your ancestry.

Search many sites for Yang family trees

Another option is to follow in the footsteps of previous researchers. This can be done by searching for family trees on the Internet. It is best to search as far back as you can. The further back you search, the more likely you are to find ancestors that have been previously researched. Also, if you are lucky, you will find an ancestor who has a less common name, which will greatly simplify your research.

The best way to get as far back as you can before searching for trees is to follow the free, specific advice described above.

Of course there are a great many sites on the the Internet to search for family trees. This can become cumbersome because you keep entering the same ancestor information over and over. But, fortunately, there is a site that allows you to search most of these by entering your information just one time. It also figures out what would be the best type of tree search for you for a given site (all tree sites are not created equal). The site is Family Tree Searcher.

Other Yang resources on the Internet

The following sites have an extensive surname information. Again, it is best if you have as much detail on your ancestry before going to these sites. That can be done by following the free, specific advice described above.

  • Yang surname at Distant Cousin
  • Yang surname at Genealogy Today
  • Yang surname at SurnameWeb

Yang obituaries

Obituaries are an excellent source of family information. It is possible to search for obituaries on the Internet. Here are three excellent sources to check out. Each of these will allow you to add additional information to your obituary search once you are at the site. The additional information will help narrow your search since the name you are searching is so common.

Yang message boards

Message boards are good when you are trying to track down a specific person. It helps to already some sense of the person's ancestry, marriage, birth, or death information. This is particularly important when posting information about a common name.

  • Genealogical queries at CousinConnect.com

Use the free Genealogy Advice feature of this site. This builds on what you already know about your ancestry. Simply answer a series of questions to get specific suggestions on how to best use online genealogy records for researching your ancestors.

Easiest way to search family trees

Use Family Tree Searcher. This allows you to search the major family tree sites by entering your information just one time. It also determines the best type of search for you at at each of the sites (all sites are not created equal).

Go to Family Tree Searcher.

Get the best genealogy searches for Google by using your family tree

This free genealogy site will help you use Google for your research. It will create a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that will likely improve your results.

Go to Genealogy Search Help for Google.

For those just starting out

Are you just starting to research your ancestry? If so, the following site provides an easy set of decision charts to help you get started.

Go to Genealogy Fast Track.